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How to submit a manuscript
New Manuscripts should be submitted online at the following URL: http://esubmit.jkms.org/

  • Online submission of Original Manuscripts
  • Instructions for Submission of Revised Manuscripts

  •   Online Submission of Original Manuscripts

    Log in is required at first. If you do not have an account, click "Register" link and make your account. ID should be your email address that is actively used at now. If you have an acount but forgot your password, click the "Forgot Your Password?" link. The password will be dispatched to your email address. Otherwise, enter your User ID and password into the boxes provided, and click. At the welcome screen, click "Submit a Manuscript" button. After that, click "New Submissions" link to submit a new manuscript and follow steps 1-6.

    Please choose manuscript type, and check items listed in the CHECK LIST. And click "CONFIRM' button.

    Step 1. Title and Abstract
    Choose manuscript type, and enter your title and abstract into the appropriate boxes. If you need to insert a special character, click the "Special Characters" button. If you are submitting a manuscript that does not require an Abstract, please type N/A in the Abstract box. Please check the check box if the corresponding author is same to the first author.

    Step 2. Authors
    Enter the information for the first author in the boxes under "Add the First Author."

    Step 3. File Upload
    The manuscript file(main body) should not include author's name or name of affiliation. Upload and select the correct file designation for each. All images should be inserted into a PowerPoint file. Acceptable file formats are pdf, hwp, doc, and ppt, and each files should not be any bigger than 20 MB in size.

    Step 4. Cover Letter
    Please check each items if it is applicable to your manuscript. The items with "*" should be checked. If you want to say other comments to Editor-in-chief, please write in the box.

    Step 5. Preview
    Review the information in the Preview chart for correctness; make changes if needed.
    If you have not completed a required step, you will not be able to submit your manuscript.

    Step 6. Submit

    You will be able to monitor the progress of your manuscript through the peer review process.

      Instructions for Submission of Revised Manuscripts

    When you prepare a revised version of your manuscript, it is recommended that you carefully follow the instructions given in the Editor's letter regarding preparation of the revision, in particular, preparation of the annotated copy. Failure to do so will cause a delay in the review of your revision and may result in return of the revision to you, without review, for proper preparation. Revisions received more than 2 months after requested may be sent for another review cycle, at the Editor's discretion. If a revision is not received within 6 months after requested, your file may be closed. Refer to the information below, as well as, the online form "Revision Checklist" under "Instructions and Forms" for submission of revised manuscripts.

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