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Instructions for Peer Review

We would invite you as an expert to review the recommended manuscript. We appreciate your professional assistance in the peer review of the manuscript in advance. Please read the paper carefully and send us your comments as guided below. Please select your recommendation regarding publication from the list. We hope this invitation would be an academic honor of you.

1. Reviewer Blind Comments to Author:
Please give general comments regarding relevance to the scientific scope of this journal, originality, scientific quality, academic interest, and language. And then, specific and detailed comments regarding the title, abstract, and text are recommended in serial numbers. Please check the need for tables and figures, and the adequacy of the references.
Please note that the authors will receive a copy of your general and/or specific comments. Give your critical evaluation of the paper to help authors identify the work’s strengths and weaknesses, especially when a revision is recommended. Please be as specific as possible, and indicate why a paper is (un)acceptable and what is required to make it acceptable. Authors especially appreciate it if you cite references supporting your comments. Please be polite as possible in every comment.

2. Reviewer Confidential Comments to Editor:
Please include any confidential comment you wish to make. Make sure that these are consistent with your comments to the author. Especially any potential issue of ethical consideration should be mentioned here.

3. Attitude in General:
Please return your peer review report before the deadline assigned by the Editor, commonly 14 days after you accept it. If you are not able to meet the deadline, please return it or contact the Editorial Office.
Please keep whole reviewing process in confidential and to destroy your copy of the manuscript after you have completed your review. Your contribution of valuable time and energy is much appreciated by the editors and authors, as well as the readers of this journal.
Thank you in advance for your assistance again. Please note that you will be able to view all reports to the author once an editorial decision has been made.
Please note that your review report is expected for review of reviewers to develop the better review system. The journal will acknowledge excellent reviewers.

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